Fire and Ice
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No Coward Soul is Mine
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Tonight I Can Write
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The Road Not Taken
The Flight of Apollo
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Welcome to The Logorrhean!
the poetry blogsite for the Ateneo's Literature 14, Block R13 Class (SY2005-2006) under the instruction of Mr. Ron Darvin.

The Flight of Apollo
This poem encompasses my great interest with space and the stars. It speaks of a man who sees himself as a stranger on Earth because he sees his life in the great expanse; in space exploration. I find myself having much comparison to this man on the moon, such that we are both fascinated by space exploration and cannot keep ourselves from ignoring that interest. Having grown up with Star Trek, it has been my dream to be in space, explore the stars, and meet other intelligent life. This poem shares that dream and also shares that optimism and emotion when the time comes and you are able to fulfill that dream of yours. I may not be able to get into space in my lifetime, but as this poem is about the taking flight of dreams and ambitions, and upon reaching it is like stepping on the moon or reaching the stars.
- Eric Smith

The Flight of Apollo
Stanley Kunitz

Earth was my home, but even there I was a stranger. This mineral crust. I walk like a swimmer. What titanic bombardments in those old astral wars! I know what I know: I shall never escape from strangeness or complete my journey. Think of me as nostalgic, afraid, exalted. I am your man on the moon, a speck of megalomania, restless for the leap toward island universes pulsing beyond where the constellations set. Infinite space overwhelms the human heart, but in the middle of nowhere life inexorably calls to life. Forward my mail to Mars. What news from the Great Spiral Nebula in Andromeda and the Magellanic Clouds?


I was a stranger on earth.
Stepping on the moon, I begin
the gay pilgrimage to new
in foreign galaxies.
Heat. Cold. Craters of silence.
The Sea of Tranquility
rolling on the shores of entropy.
And, beyond,
the intelligence of the stars.

Stanley Kunitz has received nearly every honor bestowed upon a poet, including a Pulitzer Price in 1959 and appointments as consultant in poetry to the Library of Congress and poet laureate of New York. He was a founder of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and of Poets House in New York City. He is also a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets.

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